Four Students Chosen as Finalists in InspoScience Research and Innovation Competition

Four students from LLE’s 2019 Summer Research Program for High School Juniors have been selected as finalists in the InspoScience Research and Innovation Competition 2020 Virtual Edition, North America’s Continental Science Fair. This competition attracted over 400 entrants from the U.S., Canada, and Mexico, from which 200 finalists were selected. The four students are now engaged in online interviews for the final selections, which will be announced on July 25. Shown left to right are: Henry Berger (Brighton, advised by Chad Forrest) who worked on the design of a neutron spectrometer; Ji-Mi Jang (Pittsford Mendon, advised by Tanya Kosc) who investigated laser-damage spectroscopy; Simon Narang (Pittsford Sutherland, advised by Mark Wittman and Dean Bredesen) who modeled cryogenic target filling for direct-drive fusion implosions; and Hanna Wiandt (Pittsford Mendon, advised by Stephen Craxton) who worked on the design of direct-drive targets for the National Ignition Facility.