New NASA Black Hole Visualization Created by LLE Alum

Using custom software at the Goddard Space Flight Center, NASA research astrophysicist Jeremy Schnittman created a visualization of a black hole that illustrates how gravity distorts our view. Jeremy’s first experience with scientific computer modeling was as an LLE summer high school intern when, under the supervision of Stephen Craxton, he developed a code to calculate the uniformity of x-ray heating in hohlraums. Jeremy continued his research during the following summers while attending Harvard University, publishing his first scientific papers and contributing to a series of tetrahedral hohlraum experiments on OMEGA that he had proposed. His current research interests include: modeling x-ray spectra from black-hole accretion flows, black-hole binaries, gravitational wave sources, electromagnetic counterparts to binary black-hole mergers, dark matter annihilation around black holes, resonant dynamics of planetary systems and analogs, and modeling exoplanet atmospheres.