Dean Bredesen and Sean Adams with equipment

Reducing Layering Time in Cryogenic Targets

Cryogenic and Tritium Facility Data Analyst, Dean Bredesen, is shown experimenting with temperature ramps used to develop cryogenic layers. Shown in the inset is Sean Adams, Moving Cryostat Transport Cart Technician, working in the Cart Maintenance Room optimizing the layering process within a 1-mm OD cryogenic DT (deuterium/tritium) target. The target is being layered inside MCTC5 a 5000-lb moving cryogenic transfer cart which can routinely control the layer temperature of targets to within 1/1000 degree Kelvin. Dean has been working with the Cryogenic and Tritium Facility’s Chad Fella and Target Fabrication’s Mark Wittman, to significantly reduce layering time for thin ice targets while not compromising the final layer quality.