Upgrade of the MTW Laser Facility

July, 2013

A multi-year upgrade to the Multi-Terawatt (MTW) Laser Facility is underway that will advance high-energy-density plasma physics and ultrafast laser science at the Laboratory for Laser Energetics (LLE). A new ultrafast beamline, based on optical parametric chirped-pulse–amplification (OPCPA), is being added to the facility. This optical parametric amplifier line (MTW-OPAL) will generate 15-fs, 150-mJ pulses at 5 Hz synchronously with the current picosecond pulses. The upgrade also includes modifications to the MTW laser for pumping the final OPCPA amplifier to increase the energy in a single shot to 7.5 J for a peak power of 0.5 PW. This upgrade in a new 1430-sq-ft laboratory adjacent to the Laser Development Laboratory (LDL) enhances current MTW research capabilities and secures the foundation for a broad range of new optical physics and ultrahigh-intensity laser research.