About the LLE Library

The LLE Library is a small but active information center that stresses service to all members of the Laboratory Staff. The experienced and dedicated staff strives to minimize the time and effort that researchers spend on gathering information. Whether that information is in the LLE Library, elsewhere at the University of Rochester, or around the world.

LLE's collection is located in two areas: Pre-1989 journals are shelved in the first-floor lobby area. The Library office and the Library's main collection are located in the second-floor Annex area (Room 285). The collection includes circulating books, reference books, journals, and technical reports (microfiche).

The Library also provides a photocopier, a microfiche reader, and public computers.


The LLE Library is located on the second floor in the Annex across from the Annex Conference Room near the East section of the building.

Staff & Services

The LLE Library Staff is experienced and dedicated to helping you accurately and efficiently meet your information needs.


Zahra Kamarei

Library Assistant

Delores Baxter

Liaison to the Library

Reuben Epstein

We Provide:

  • Electronic or paper copies for all types of published literature from resources in paper, online, microfiche, etc., from any library
  • Alerts to the recent literature of interest to you, e.g. the latest journal table of contents
  • Delivery of books, etc., from other UR Libraries as well as from a worldwide network of libraries
  • Searches of the literature for science, technology, business, etc. (fees may apply)
  • Ordering of theses and dissertations
  • Pre-publication assistance including citation verification, copyright information, and permission information

We Make Available:

  • A focused print collection
    • 1st Floor: Journals (pre-1989)
    • Second Floor: Reference books, circulating books, journals (1989-date), and technical reports (microfiche)
  • Links to online journals & books
  • Databases of scientific literature

Borrowing Policies

LLE Library Materials

  • Circulating Books

    Please fill out the card in the back of the book and place the card in the wooden box on the Library office desk. You may keep the book until you are done or another person needs it. *Books borrowed in this manner do not appear as checked out in the Voyager Library Catalog.

  • Reference Books & Journals

    These items generally stay in the Library. If they are removed, please leave us a note or sign the check-out log on the low bookcases near the photocopier.

  • Note: Books on loan to LLE patrons have the status in Voyager of "Not Checked Out". Please ask Library staff for assistance in locating any items not on the shelf.

Other University of Rochester Libraries

  • LLE Library Staff arranges for delivery of books, microfiche, etc. from other UR Libraries
  • Each library has its own borrowing policies, including policies for loan periods and fines.
  • Borrowing from other UR Libraries (except for LLE) is recorded in the Voyager catalog
  • Check Your Due Dates / Renewals on Voyager for items borrowed from other UR Libraries

Non University of Rochester Libraries

  • LLE Library staff arranges for delivery of books, photocopies, and other materials from non-UR Libraries through the InterLibrary Loan Department (ILL)
  • ILL tries to meet the date by which you need an item
  • Loan periods vary for borrowed items. Many borrowed items can be renewed once; others may not be renewable

Copying & Copyright

  • LLE Library manages all aspects of compliance with copyright rules and regulations for items copied by the Library
  • Copyright Clearance and Fair Use at the University of Rochester