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Setting up a Proxy Server

To access the Internet from within the Laboratory (and through VPN), LLE users must configure their browsers to use a proxy server. Fortunately this is semi-automated. All you need to do is set your browser to use our configuration script.

Links to instructions for a variety of browsers on Windows, Macintosh and Linux follow. Note that the instructions are pertinent to the most recent versions of these browsers. If you are using a different version, the instructions may not match exactly but should be close enough to help you. For help, feel free to contact computer support.

Proxy Server FAQs

Do I need to do this at home?

Probably not. It is not necessary unless you use VPN and want to access web sites outside of LLE while connected through VPN.

Will I be able to access the same web sites I used to?

Pretty much. The proxy server does block web sites that are known to contain pornographic or otherwise offensive material. The server will also block a site if the address or page contains certain words. This does mean that a legitimate site can get blocked. If this happens, we will configure the server to allow you to access that site as long as it is work related or otherwise justifiable.

Do I need to change the proxy settings when I use my notebook outside LLE?

No. The configuration script will detect which network you are on and switch for you.

Are programs other than web browsers affected?

Yes. Any program that tries to connect using port 80 (http) to a site outside LLE will be affected. If you find that you are using such a program, please contact computer support for help.

Will the proxy server prevent me from reading newsgroups?

The proxy server will not affect newsgroup access. Note that currently, we only allow access to the University's news server.

Proxy Server Instructions