International Workshop on ICF Shock Ignition

8–10 March 2011

Shock Ignition Workshop 2011 Attendees

Additional Photos from the Workshop

Session 1 – International Program Overview

R. Betti Overview of Shock Ignition

J. Perkins Shock Ignition on the National Ignition Facility

G. Schurtz Perspectives for Shock Ignition Experiments on LMJ

S. Obenschain Direct Drive Utilizing Shock Ignition: Physics and its Potential IFE Application

Session 2 – Target Design Overview

S. Craxton Three-Dimensional Design of a 96-beam NIF Target to Test the Compression Phase of Shock Ignition

K. Anderson Shock Ignition with Plastic-Ablator Cryogenic Shells on the NIF

M. Terry Progress in the Development of an "all DT" NIF Shock Ignition Target

A. Schmitt Studies of High Gain Target Designs at NRL

F. Marshall Backlighting of PD experiments

E. Le Bel 1-D PDD Shock Ignition Design for NIF/LMJ Demonstration

S. Atzeni Studies on Target Robustness, Including the Effects of Target Positioning

Session 3 – SI Laser Plasma Issues

O. Klimo Laser Plasma Interaction Studies in the Context of Shock Ignition

C. Ren PIC and Fluid Simulations of Two-Plasmon-Decay Instabilities Relevant to Direct Drive/Shock Ignition

B. Afeyan STUD Pulses for Shock Ignition and LPI Control

D. Batani Laser-Plasma Interaction and Target Coupling in the Intensity Regime Relevant for Shock-Ignition

W. Mori Parallel PIC Simulations of High-Energy Density Science Involving Laser and Beam Transport Related to ICF

Session 4 – OMEGA SI Experimental Results and Planning

K. Anderson 60-beam Shock-Ignition OMEGA Experiments and Simulations International

W. Theobald Shock Ignition Experiments on OMEGA

Session 7 – PD Ignition Target Design

T. Collins Polar-Drive Hot-Spot Ignition Design for the National Ignition Facility

J. Marozas Picket Pulses with 1-D MultiFM Smoothing by Spectral Dispersion (SSD) for the NIF

Session 8 – PD Technology

J. Zuegel Demonstrating Polar-Drive Beam Smoothing Technology for NIF on OMEGA EP

T. Kessler Phase and Polarization Plates for NIF Polar Drive

Session 9 – PD Experiments

A. Shvydky Modeling of OMEGA Polar-Drive Exploding Pusher Experiments

P. B. Radha Results from Polar Drive OMEGA Experiments

S. Craxton 3-Dimensional Distributions of Deposited Energy and Scattered Light in NIF "Exploding-Pusher" Polar-Drive Experiments

P. McKenty Results of Current Polar-Drive, Exploding-Pusher Shots on the NIF

Session 10 – Wrap-up Discussions

D. Froula The Scattered Spectra from Direct Drive Targets Indicated that the Hydrodynamic Modeling was Missing Essential Physics

Action Items

Wrap-up and Action Items for Fall Workshop