43rd Annual Anomalous Absorption Conference

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7 - 12 July 2013 — Stevenson, WA

Author Title File Size
D. H. Edgell Cross-Beam Energy Transfer in Polar-Drive Implosions on OMEGA and the NIF 1 MB
R. K. Follett Thomson-Scattering Measurements of Ion-Acoustic Wave Amplitudes Driven by the Two-Plasmon-Decay Instability 1.1 MB
D. H. Froula Implications of Two-State Focal Zooming on OMEGA to Mitigate Crossed-Beam Energy Transfer 1.6 MB
D. Haberberger Measurement of Long-Scale-Length Plasma Density Profiles for Two-Plasmon Decay Studies 1.5 MB
S. X. Hu Understanding the Creation of NIF-Scale Plasmas at the Omega Laser Facility for Laser–Plasma Instability Studies 5.1 MB
J. A. Marozas Comparison of the 2-D DRACO Cross-Beam Energy Transfer (CBET) Simulations with OMEGA and NIF Experiments 2.1 MB
A. V. Maximov Nonlinear Interaction Between Multiple Incoherent Laser Beams in the Plasmas of Direct-Drive ICF 1.2 MB
D. T. Michel Comparison of Implosion Velocities for Be, C, and CH Ablators Measured in Direct-Drive Implosions 5 MB
W. Seka (Invited) The Nonlinear Behavior of the Two-Plasmon–Decay Instability 1.2 MB
W. Seka Time-Resolved Electron-Temperature Measurements Near nc/4 Reveal Temperature Islands on Imploding Targets 944 KB
R. W. Short The Effects of Beam Geometry and Polarization on Two-Plasmon Decay Driven by Multiple Laser Beams 1.7 MB
A. A. Solodov Measurements of the Divergence of Fast Electrons in Laser-Irradiated Spherical Targets 861 KB
J. Zhang Linear Growth and Nonlinear Saturation of Two-Plasmon Decay Driven by Multiple Laser Beams 720 KB