Figure from the DOE Report March, 2016

March 2016 DOE Report

High-Resolution, Ultrafast Streaked X-Ray Spectrometer

LLE is leading the development of a high-resolving-power, streaked x-ray spectrometer (HiResSpec) for OMEGA EP. Applications of the spectrometer include high-pressure materials research, temperature-equilibration dynamics, and high-temperature plasma opacity. The spectrometer concept was developed in collaboration with scientists at the Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory.

Shown here: (a) PrismSPECT collisional-radiative code calculations of the temporal spectral shift on the Kα line emitted from rapidly heated, solid Cu. (b) Time-integrated Kα1,2 emission spectrum from a 500 × 500 × 20-µm Cu foil irradiated with a 100-J, 1-ps pulse from OMEGA EP.

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