Figure from the DOE Report August, 2017

August 2017 DOE Report

High-Resolution X-Ray Line-Shape Spectroscopy
of Hot Dense Matter

Experiments investigating the transition from solid to hot dense plasma conditions at temperatures approaching several million Kelvin are being carried out on the OMEGA EP laser to evaluate the effects of hot dense plasma environments on atomic structure and interaction rates. The goal is to measure detailed x-ray line shapes from plasmas in extreme thermodynamic conditions and test the predictions of different heating and atomic physics models. For the experiments, Cu foils with different thicknesses and aspect ratios were irradiated with up to 650-J, 10-ps pulses focused to intensities above 1018 W/cm2. The high-power laser–matter interaction generates a hot-electron population with MeV energies that transports energy away from the laser-focal region and into the target. Collisional and collective (electromagnetic) processes couple energy to the target over 10 to 20 ps or less.

Time-integrated Kα1,2 emission spectra are shown here.

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