Figure from the DOE Report August, 2018

August 2018 DOE Report

Summer High School Research Program

During July and August of this year, 13 students from Rochester-area high schools participated in LLE's Summer High School Research Program. This marks the 30th year of the program, which started in 1989. The students, all rising seniors, worked on individual research projects with LLE scientists and engineers for eight weeks. The projects were all related to current research activities at LLE and covered a broad range of areas of interest, including computer modeling of implosion physics, experimental diagnostic modeling, cryogenic target characterization, physical chemistry, computational chemistry, laser beam modeling, laser flash-lamp diagnostics, web-based data analysis, and the adaptation of a technique developed to visualize laser damage to high-school life-science education. At the end of the program the students presented the results of their research at a full-day symposium to an audience including parents, teachers, and LLE staff. Entry to the program is highly competitive, with ~60 students applying each year. Over 50 local schools have had students in the program and ~100 LLE personnel have advised students.

Shown here: Members of LLE's 2018 Summer High School Research Program with program director Stephen Craxton.

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