Figure from the DOE Report May, 2016

May 2016 DOE Report

X-Ray Backlighting of Cryogenic Capsule Implosions

X-ray backlighting is a powerful technique used to image cold dense material in many high-energy-density plasma experiments. Direct-drive cryogenic DT implosions are a challenging backlighting configuration because the optical thickness of the DT shell is low, the shell velocity is high (up to 400 µm/ns), the size of the stagnated shell is small (~30-µm inner radius), and the self-emission of the hot spot at stagnation is bright compared to the backlighter signal.

Shown here: Radiograph of a cryogenic implosion recorded with the aberration-corrected narrowband crystal imager on a 40-ps exposure time framing camera at a convergence ratio CR ~ 7.

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