Engineering Services

LLE Projects

The design of new or substantially altered equipment or systems for installation at LLE, including diagnostics developed by external organizations for installation at LLE, is coordinated by the process defined in LLEINST 7700. In general, all projects will be subjected to at least two formal reviews.

Checklists and Instructions

Project Tracking/Scheduling

Service Requests

Request forms are used to facilitate efficient management of design, build and support services. These forms are required for requests for shop resources including those that arise from LLE Equipment Projects.

  • Electronics and Controls

    Use this form for electronic engineering requests, including PLC and embedded processor implementation, circuit design and analysis, component fabrication, and cables and installation

  • Mechanical Engineering

    Use this form for mechanical engineering requests, including design and fabrication of mechanical components and subsystems, structural analysis, installation layout, and physical envelope review and clearance

  • Software Development Group

    Use this form for software change and bug fix requests.

  • Optical Engineering Support Request Form

    Use this form for optical engineering requests, including specification, analysis and/or design of optical systems.