Tim Collins

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Tim Collins received his bachelor's degree in Physics from Oberlin College in 1990. He earned his MA (1992) and Ph.D. (1997) at the University of Rochester. His thesis was supervised by Professors Hugh M. Van Horn and H. Lawrence Helfer, on the topic of accretion disks surrounding white-dwarf stars in cataclysmic variable (CV) binary star systems. In addition to work on CV's, his research has included investigation of neutron star oscillations, supernova 1987A, equation-of-state modeling for inertial confinement fusion (ICF), shock propagation in DT-saturated foams, and beam-smoothing requirements for ICF.

His work currently focuses on both MJ-class ICF target design for polar-direct drive at the National Ignition Facility and spherical direct drive, as well as OMEGA experiments, including high-adiabat implosions. He serves as the Project Leader for DRACO, the University of Rochester's 2-D arbitrary Lagrangian– Eulerian radiation–hydrodynamics simulation code.

A list of Dr. Collins' publications may be found here.