Robert L. McCrory

Vice President and Vice Provost
Chief Executive Officer and
Director of the Laboratory for Laser Energetics
Professor of Mechanical Engineering
Professor of Physics and Astronomy
University of Rochester

Robert L. McCrory received his B.Sc. in Physics (1968) and his Ph.D. in Applied Plasma Physics (1973) from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) as an Alfred P. Sloan National Scholar (1964–1968) and as an Atomic Energy Commission Special Fellow (1968–1973). After positions as a Research Associate in the Department of Nuclear Engineering at MIT and Staff Member in the Theoretical and Theoretical Design Divisions at Los Alamos Scientific Laboratory, he joined the University of Rochester's Laboratory for Laser Energetics (LLE) as a Scientist in 1976 and was promoted to Sr. Scientist in 1977.

Prof. McCrory has made numerous contributions to inertial fusion, beginning with his work on the wavelength dependence of hydrodynamic efficiency on laser-driven targets and the hydrodynamic stability of inertial fusion capsules. He has been and remains the national leader of the development of the direct-drive inertial fusion concept. Prof. McCrory is the author or co-author of over 250 scientific journal publications.

In 1983, he was named Director of the Laboratory for Laser Energetics, a position he holds to this day. In 1984 he was named Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering and in 1986 he was promoted to Professor of Mechanical Engineering. He was named Professor of Physics in 1999. Since becoming Director, Prof. McCrory has been responsible for securing over $1.24 billion (as spent dollars) or $1.6 billion (FY 2013 dollars) in funding for LLE. LLE has consistently received outstanding reviews from DOE and NNSA. Through his leadership, LLE built the OMEGA 60 Laser System (1995) and the OMEGA EP laser systems (2008) that continue to maintain LLE's leading international position in high-energy, high-peak power lasers.

Prof. McCrory served as a member of the University of Rochester Faculty Senate (1986–1989, 1990–1992, and 1994–1996). He also served as the chair of the Faculty Senate's research policy committee (1997). From 1997–2003, Prof. McCrory served as the Executive Director of Governmental Relations under President Thomas Jackson.

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