Omega Laser Facility Users Group


The OMEGA Laser Facility is a user facility featuring both high-energy and high-intensity lasers and capable of a wide variety of scientific experiments. It is located at the Laboratory for Laser Energetics of the University of Rochester. At present 30% of the facility use time is devoted to fundamental science experiments, with the remainder going to inertial confinement fusion research. As a national users facility, LLE is a member of the National User Facility Organization, whose overall goal is to promote science edcuation and outreach throughout the Nation.


Membership is open to anyone who uses OMEGA, aspires to use OMEGA, or aspires to collaborate with a group or consortium that uses OMEGA. To join, either email R. D. Petrasso and request membership, or attend one of the annual OLUG User Workshops. There are no dues. Exclusions: employees of LLE significantly involved with the operation of or LLE scientific program at OMEGA are not eligible for membership.

The OMEGA Users comprise 304 academics and researchers from 32 Universities, and from 23 national laboratories and centers. 15 different countries are represented. The largest component of the membership derives from the universities.

List of Current Members


To facilitate communication and exchanges among the users of OMEGA, from the users as a group to the facility, and from the users to the broader scientific community. To organize an annual 2.5 day workshop, which is held at the end of April. There are two major goals of the Users workshop: First, to define improvements to the capabilities and operation of the facility that would advance research opportunities for a broad cross-section of the Users; this takes the form of Findings and Recommendations that the Users generate and then present to the facility management. This is an iterative process that transpires between the Users and the management, and it has proved to be very successful. A second major goal of the workshop is to provide an opportunity for young researchers—students, postdocs, recent Ph.D.'s—to present their research in a very interactive yet informal setting. In this regard, great effort is taken to obtain funding for student/postdoc travel to the workshop, something which has been generously funded by NNSA. In addition, the Users also meet annually at the Division of Plasma Physics meeting, typically Tuesday evening, in order to reassess our Findings and Recommendations, and to discuss with management progress towards their implementation.

Current Findings and Recommendations

The 13 Findings and Recommendations of the OMEGA 2011 Users Workshop
(Reports and presentations can be found here).
  1. Tammy Ma, Chair, LLNL
    Findings and Recommendations of the Student/Postdoc Panel
    Presentation (pdf, 103 KB)
    Write up (pdf, 71 KB)
  2. Louise Willingale, Chair, University of Michigan
    Bringing OMEGA EP Performance up to Full Specification, and 4ω Probe Utilization
    Presentation (pdf, 169 KB)
    Write up (pdf, 84.2 KB)
  3. Mingsheng Wei, Chair, General Atomics
    Long-Pulse Operations of OMEGA EP
    Presentation (pdf, 951 KB)
    Write up (pdf, 57.2 KB)
  4. Carolyn Kuranz, Chair, University of Michigan
    Independent Operations of the Three Legs of OMEGA 60
    Presentation (pdf, 260 KB)
    Write up (pdf, 239 KB)
  5. Dustin Froula, Chair, LLE
    Work to Develop a Simulation Capability for the OMEGA External Users
    Write up (pdf, 2.9 MB)
  6. Peter Norreys, Chair, Rutherford Appleton Laboratory
    Dual Foci for the OMEGA 60 Facility
    Presentation (pdf, 737 KB)
  7. Dennis McNabb (LLNL) and Johan Frenje (MIT), Chairs
    Developing Implosion Capabilities at OMEGA with Arbitrary Fuel Mixtures of Tritium for Advancing Plasma Nuclear Science
    Presentation (pdf, 2.1 MB)
  8. Alex Zylstra, Chair, MIT
    An Ultra-low Charged Particle Spectrometer for Studying Nucleo-Synthesis Reactions in OMEGA Implosions
    Presentation (pdf, 220 KB)
  9. Nareg Sinenian (MIT) and Jim Cobble (LANL), Chairs
    Utilization of Thomson Parabola on OMEGA for Characterizing Implosion Ion-Loss Channels and for Studying Nucleo-Synthesis Reactions in OMEGA Implosions
    Presentation (pdf, 825 KB)
  10. Hans Herrmann, Chair, LANL
    Gamma-Ray Spectrometry for Plasma Nuclear Science and Implosion Physics
    Presentation (pdf, 6.6 MB)
    Write up (pdf, 123 KB)
  11. Maria Gatu-Johnson, Chair, MIT
    A Low-Energy Neutron Spectrometer for Plasma Nuclear Science and Implosion Physics
    Presentation (pdf, 149 KB)
    Write up (pdf, 295 KB)
  12. Gennady Fiskel, Chair, LLE
    Developing Magnetic Inertial Fusion Platforms for Basic Science and Implosion Physics
    Presentation (.pdf, 1.3 MB)
  13. Hye-sook Park, Chair, LLNL
    Cu-Kα Crystal Imaging on OMEGA-EP for HED Physics
    Presentation (pdf, 1.3 MB)
    Write up (pdf, 1.9 MB)

Executive Committee

Duties of the Initiating Executive Committee

The Executive Committee, nominated and elected by the User Group, will define all aspects of the Users Group bylaws, policies, and procedures. The committee will elect a chair, who must be from the academic and/or small business community.

Organization of this process

At the request of LLE, Dr. Richard Petrasso of MIT and Professor Paul Drake of the University of Michigan developed the initial plan. Subsequently it was amended and approved at the OMEGA EP User Workshop.