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The DOE/NNSA solicitation for FY17-18 NLUF proposals was issued on 5/31/2016 (DE-FOA-0001568).

Please check the listings at or for detailed information on how to register and submit proposals for this solicitation.

The applications are due at DOE by June 30, 2016 11:59 Eastern Standard Time.

Notice to Potential NLUF Users

In the course of formulating proposals to NLUF, many principal investigators have established mutually useful collaborations with LLE staff. The laboratory encourages such collaborations but cautions potential users that individual LLE staff collaborations on NLUF proposals must be officially approved by LLE 30 days in advance of proposal submissions.

Please contact the NLUF Manager (585-275-3866) if you have any questions regarding this policy.

LLE has provided qualified researchers with a unique environment for experiments in inertial fusion and high-energy-density physics through access to the National Laser Users' Facility (NLUF). In addition to investigations of inertial fusion physics, approved experiments have been conducted in plasma physics, x-ray laser physics, XUV spectroscopy, and instrumentation development. The Office of Inertial Fusion of the Department of Energy funds the operation of NLUF, thus making it possible for researchers to conduct experiments without a direct facility charge. In addition, the Department of Energy provides research funds directly to users for experiments in inertial fusion and related scientific areas. NLUF is administered by a full-time manager, who reports to the LLE Director. All proposals are reviewed by the NLUF Steering Committee, which ranks them according to scientific merit. The Committee is appointed by the President of the University of Rochester, with Department of Energy approval. Members include outstanding scientists from universities, industry, and government.

Omega Laser Facility Users' Guide

Omega Laser Facility Users' Guide