Omega Laser Facility Users Group 2010 Workshop

28–30 April 2010

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Contributed Oral Talks

Working Group 1 | Working Groups 2 and 3

Working Group 1
Presenter Title/Collaborators File Size (pdf)
Angelo Schiavi Assessing target robustness and ignition performance for a direct drive ICF target
Collaborators: S. Atzeni, A. Marocchino, M. Temporal, G. Schurtz, X. Riberye, and L. Hallo
2.1 MB
Alberto Marochinno ICF RMI–RTI target robustness YSO Lab-Astro
Collaborators: S. Atzeni, A. Schiavi, A. Ciardi, J. Chittenden
3.1 MB
L. John Perkins High Gain Shock-Ignition on NIF and the Key Precursor Experiments on OMEGA
3.1 MB
Chikang Li Charged-Particle Probing of X-ray-Driven Inertial-Fusion Implosions
Collaborators: F. Séguin, J. Frenje, M. Rosenberg, R. Petrasso, P. Amendt, J. Koch, O. Landen, H. Park, H. Robey, R. Town, A. Casner, F. Philippe, R. Betti, J. Knauer, D. Meyerhofer, C. Back, J. Kilkenny, and A. Nikroo
1.5 MB
Frederick S. Séguin Observation and characterization of coronal filamentation in direct-drive ICF
Collaborators: C. K. Li, J. Frenje, M. Manuel, H Rinderknecht, N. Sinenian, J.R. Rygg, R. Petrasso, R. Betti, J. Delettrez, J. Knauer, F. Marshall, D. Meyerhofer, V. Smalyuk
4.1 MB
Nathalie LeGalloudec Feasibility of proton radiography in high debris environments
Collaborators: J. Cobble, A. Merwin, Y. Paudel, I. Shrestha, G. C. Osborne, K. M. Williamson, and V. L. Kantsyrev
4.1 MB
Taisuke Nagayama Polychromatic Tomography of High Energy Density Plasmas
Collaborators: R. Mancini, R. Florido, R. Tommasini, J. Koch, J. Delettrez, S. Regan, V. Smalyuk
848 KB
Patrizio Antici Measurements of hot electrons distributions in intense laser–matter interaction with solids
Collaborators: P. Antici, P. Audebert, S. Buffechoux, A. Mancic, and J. Fuchs
750 KB
Philip Nilson Intense-Energy Coupling with Multikilojoule, 10-ps Pulses on OMEGA EP
Collaborators: R. Betti, J. A. Delettrez, L. Gao, P. A. Jaanimagi, J. F. Myatt, T. C. Sangster, A. Solodov, C. Stoeckl, W. Theobald, B. Yaakobi, J. D. Zuegel, A. J. MacKinnon, P. K. Patel, K. Akli, L. Willingale, and K. M. Krushelnick
631 KB
Kazuo Tanaka Relativistic Laser Self-Focusing
709 KB
Mingsheng Wei Study of Fast Electron Transport Through a Thin Gold Foil into Warm Dense Plasma Targets and its Implications for FI
Collaborators: H. Sawada, S. Chawla, N. Nakanii, L. Jarrott, B. Paradka, B. Chrisman, D. Mariscal, C. W. Murphy, D. Higginson, B. Westover, T. Yabuuchi, F. N. Beg, K. Akli, R. B. Stephens, A. MacPhee, D. Hey, S. Le Pape, Y. Ping, C.D. Chen, H. Chen, M. Foord, H. McLean, M. Key, P. Patel, A. Mackinnon, Y. Sentoku, J. Larsen, H. Friesen, H. Tiedje, Y. Tsui, R. Fedosejevs, J. Pasley, A. Morace, and D. Batani
882 KB
Joao Santos Fast electron generation and transport in laser-induced shock compressed plasmas
Collaborators: D. Batani, P. Carpeggiani, M. Veltcheva, F. Dorchies, A. Dubrouil, E. d'Humières, C. Fourment, S. Hulin, Ph. Nicolaï, J.J. Santos, V. Tikhonchuk, P. McKenna, M.N. Quinn, S.D. Baton, E. Brambrink, M. Rabec Le Gloahec, Ch. Spindloe, M. Tolley, L. Gremillet, A. Debayle, J.J. Honrubia, F. Dorchies, C. Fourment, S. Hulin, Ph. Nicolaï, V. Tikhonchuk, X. Vaisseau, B. Vauzour, S. D. Baton, E. Brambrink, F. Perez, H.-P. Schlenvoigt, V. Yahia, D. Batani, R. Benocci, L. Volpe, M. Coury, P. McKenna, F. N. Beg, S. Chawla, L. C. Jarrot, and Y. Rhee
1.3 MB
Working Groups 2 and 3
Presenter Title/Collaborators File Size (pdf)
L. Willingale Proton Probing of a 1 kJ, 10 ps Laser Pulse Interaction with Underdense to Near-Critical Density Plasma
Collaborators: A. Maksimchuk, K. Krushelnick, P. M. Nilson, S. Craxton, T. C. Sangster, C. Stoeckl, W Nazarov, J Cobble, P. A. Norreys, and R. Scott
8.7 MB
C. H. Lu Laser Compression of Tantalum: Experiments, Analysis, and Simulation
Collaborators: R. Luo, Y. Tang, B. Kad, M. A. Meyers, B. A. Remington, B. R. Maddox, H.-S. Park, E. M. Bringa
9.2 MB
J. R. Rygg Conductivity of multi-shock compressed deuterium
Collaborators: D. G. Hicks, T. R. Boehly, P. M. Celliers, R. F. Smith, P. Sterne, O. L. Landen, and G. W. Collins
497 KB
D. H. Froula Thomson Scattering Techniques at the OMEGA Laser Facility
985 KB