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Omega Laser Facility Users Group 2010 Workshop

28–30 April 2010

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OLUG Executive Committee
Name Affiliation
Richard Petrasso, Committee Chair Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Hector Baldis UC Davis
James Cobble Los Alamos National Laboratory
Paul Drake University of Michigan
James Knauer University of Rochester
Roberto Mancini University of Nevada, Reno
Peter Norreys Rutherford Appleton Laboratory
Name Affiliation
Antici, Patrizio CNRS/INFN - Italy
Batani, Dimitri Universita di Milano Biococca
Barrios, Maria Alejandra University of Rochester
Blue, Brent General Atomics
Budil, Kimberly U.S. Department of Energy
Buitano, Lois U.S. Department of Energy
Caillaud, Tony CEA
Casey, Daniel Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Casner, Alexis CEA
Cauble, Robert Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Chang, Po-Yu University of Rochester
Chen, Cliff Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Ciricosta, Orlando CNR - Italy
Cone, Kelly Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Crandall, David U.S. Department of Energy
Cross, Allen University of Rochester
Decker, James
Dimonte, Guy Los Alamos National Laboratory
DiStefano, Carlos University of Michigan
Dorrer, Christophe University of Rochester
Doss, Forrest W. University of Michigan
Edgell, Dana University of Rochester
Feldman, Uri Artep Incorporated
Fiksel, Gennady University of Rochester
Florido-Hernandez, Ricardo University of Nevada, Reno
Fratanduono, Dayne University of Rochester
Frenje, Johan Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Froula, Dustin University of Rochester
Gamboa, Elisio University of Michigan
Gao, Lan University of Rochester
Glebov, Vladimir University of Rochester
Grosskopf, Mike University of Michigan
Hager, Jonathan University of Rochester
Hauer, Allan U.S. Department of Energy
Higginbotham, Andy University of Oxford
Huntington, Chan University of Michigan
Ivancic, Steven University of Rochester
Keane, Chris Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Kilkenny, Joe Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Koepke, Mark U.S. Department of Energy
Krauland, Christine University of Michigan
Kritcher, Andrea U.C. Berkeley
Kruschwitz, Brian University of Rochester
Kuranz, Carolyn University of Michigan
Larsen, Jon Cascade Applied Sciences Inc.
Le Galloudec, Nathalie University of Nevada, Reno
Leifeste, Gordon Sandia National Laboratory
Levato, Tadzio Frascati National Laboratories
Li, Chikang Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Li, Wenbo University of Rochester
Loucks, Steven University of Rochester
Lu, Chia-Hui University of California, San Diego
Ma, Tammy Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Marion, Donna University of Michigan
Marocchino, Alberto Univ. Roma, Italy
Mattingly, Sean
McLean, Harry Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Mogni, Gabriel University of Oxford
Morace, Alessio University of Milano Bicocca
Morse, Sam University of Rochester
Nagayama, Taisuke University of Nevada, Reno
Ni, Pavel Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Nilson, Philip University of Rochester
Nora, Ryan University of Rochester
Padalino, Stephen State University of New York at Geneseo
Park, Hye Sook Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Pasley, John University of York
Perkins, John Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Philippe, Franck Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Pien, Greg University of Rochester
Pomerantz, Ishay Jefferson Lab
Regan, Sean University of Rochester
Ribeyre, Xavier Univ. of Bordeaux, France
Rinderknecht, Hans Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Rosenberg, Michael Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Rosner, Robert University of Chicago
Ross, Steven University of California at San Diego
Rygg, J. Ryan Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Sangster, Craig University of Rochester
Santos, Joao Jorge CELIA
Sawada, Hiroshi University of California at San Diego
Schiavi, Angelo CNISM and University of Rome "La Sapienza"
Schurtz, G CELIA
Scott, Sarah-Jane University of Rochester
Seguin, Fredrick Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Shaw, Jessica Villanova
Sinenian, Nareg Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Solodov, Andrey University of Rochester
Soures, John University of Rochester
Stephens, Rich General Atomics
Stoeckl, Christian University of Rochester
Suggit, Matthew University of Oxford
Szabo-Foster, Csilla Naval Research Laboratory
Tanaka, Kazuo Osaka University
Theobald, Wolfgang University of Rochester
Trivelpiece, Al
Van Woerkom, Linn Ohio State University
Wark, Justin University of Oxford
Waugh, Caleb Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Wei, Mingsheng University of California, San Diego
Willingale, Louise University of Michigan
Wooton, Alan University of Texas, Austin
Yabuuchi, Toshinori University of California at San Diego
Zhang, Jiayu
Zuegel, Jonathan University of Rochester
Zylstra, Alex Massachusetts Institute of Technology