Omega Laser Facility Users Group 2009 Workshop

29 April to 1 May 2009

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Overview Science Talks
Presenter Title/Collaborators File Size (pdf)
Christian Stoeckl Status of OMEGA EP, an Experimentalist's Perspective 3.1 MB
Wolfgang Theobald Status of integrated Fast- and Shock-Ignition Experiments on OMEGA
Collaborators: K. S. Anderson, R. Betti, R. S. Craxton, J. A. Delettrez, V. Yu. Glebov, O. V. Gotchev, F. J. Marshall, R. L. McCrory, D. D. Meyerhofer, J. F. Myatt, P. M. Nilson, P. B. Radha, C. Ren, T. C. Sangster, A. A. Solodov, C. Stoeckl, M. Storm, C. D. Zhou
2.8 MB
Paul Drake Laboratory Astrophysics at OMEGA 60 and EP 3.4 MB
Gilbert 'Rip' Collins Materials under extreme conditions at Omega and NIF
Collaborators: D. Hicks, R. Rygg, J. Eggert, R. Smith, P. Celliers, H. Park, D. Spalding, D. Bradley, D. Swift, S. McWilliams, D. Braun, D. Kalentar, M. Bastea, Y. Ping, P. Patel, B. Heeter, J. McNanny, J. Hawriliak, T. Boehly, R. Hemley, R. Jeanloz, T. Duffy, B. Militzer, Y. Gupta, J. Wark, P. Loubeyre
1.8 MB
Roberto Mancini The role of simulation on design and analysis of OMEGA experiments
Collaborators: I. Golovkin, L. Welser, R. Florido, T. Nagayama, H. Johns, S. Louis, Y. Sentoku, R. Tommasini, N. Izumi, J. Koch, J. Delettrez, F. Marshall, S. Regan, V. Smalyuk, R. Petrasso, P. Drake
2.8 MB
Peter Norreys Basic science connections between OMEGA/OMEGA EP and HiPER risk reduction 1.4 MB
Christopher Deeney Basic HED Science is Important to NNSA 2.0 MB