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Omega Laser Facility Users Group 2009 Workshop

29 April to 1 May 2009

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Contributed Posters

Poster Session 1 | Poster Session 2

Posters Session 1
Students highlighted in blue; Postdocs highlighted in green
Presenter Title/Collaborators File Size (pdf)
Teresa Bartal Proton Beam Characteristics Relevant to Fast Ignition
Collaborators: D. T. Offermann, D. Hey, P. M. Nilson, K. Flippo, M. Foord, S. Chawla, M. H. Key, S. LePape, A. J. Mackinnon, P. K. Patel, A. G. MacPhee, C. D. Chen, K. U. Akli, M. S. Wei, R. B. Stephens, R. R. Freeman, L. Van Woerkom, and F. N. Beg
760 KB
Daniel. T. Casey Diagnosing Areal Density using the Magnetic Recoil Spectrometer (MRS) at OMEGA and the NIF
Collaborators: J. A. Frenje, F. H. Séguin, C. K. Li, M. Manuel, N. Sinenian, R. D. Petrasso, V. Yu. Glebov, D. D. Meyerhofer, T. C. Sangster, P. B. Radha, S. Roberts, M. Burke, J. Ulreigh, S. W. Haan, S. P. Hatchett, C. J. Cerjan, M.J. Moran, K. Fletcher, Joseph Katz, and Kevin O'Connell
1.3 MB
Byoung-ick Cho Time Resolved X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy of Warm Dense Carbon
Collaborators: Phil Heimann, Jun Feng, Kyle Engelhorn, Chris Weber, Hae Ja Lee, and Roger Falcone
Joel Croteau Exploring Mechanisms of Hot Electron Generation
Collaborators: N. Le Galloudec, T. Ditmire, A. Bernstein, and S. Feldman
664 KB
Tilo Doeppner X-ray Thomson scattering to measure temperature and charge state of short-pulse laser-heated matter
Collaborators: A. L. Kritcher, H. J. Lee, S. H. Glenzer
464 KB
Gilliss Dyer Ultrafast proton heating for equation of state studies of warm dense matter
Collaborators: Byoung-ick Cho, Aaron Bernstein, Alan Dalton, Will Grigsby, and Todd Ditmire
19.1 MB
Uri Feldman A High Resolution Transmission Crystal Spectrometer for Analyzing the Properties of EP-Generated MeV Electrons
Collaborators: J.F. Seely, L.T. Hudson and C. I. Szabo
1.5 MB
Johan Frenje First measurements of the differential n-d and n-t cross sections using an Inertial Confinement Fusion facility
Collaborators: C.K. Li, F.H. Séguin, D.T. Casey, N. Sinenian, R.D. Petrasso, V.Yu. Glebov, T.C. Sangster and D.D. Meyerhofer
496 KB
Leo Gizzi HIPER Diagnostics Development: A Novel, Spectrally Resolved X-Ray Imaging Technique
Collaborators: D.Batani, C. A. Cecchettia, A. Giuliettia, D. Giuliettia, P. Koestera, L. Labatea, T. Levatoa, F. Zamponi, A. Luebcke, T. Kämpfer, I. Uschmann, E. Förster, M. Kozlova, and B. Rus
7 MB
Orlin V. Gotchev Embedding Strong External Magnetic Fields in OMEGA Implosions—an Experimental Reality with Applications to Fusion, Exotic Plasma States and more: The Designer and User Perspectives
Collaborators: R. Betti, P. Chang, J. P. Knauer, O. Polomarov, and D. D. Meyerhofer
5.9 MB
Michael J. Grosskopf Target Fabrication Developments at the University of Michigan
Collaborators: R. P. Drake, D. C. Marion, C. C. Kuranz, A. J. Visco, F. W. Doss, C. M. Huntington, E. C. Harding, and R. Gillespie
256 KB
Jon D. Hager First Rayleigh–Taylor and Richtmyer–Meshkov Instability Measurements in Laser-Driven Planar Targets on the OMEGA EP Laser
Collaborators: V. A. Smalyuk, I. V. Igumenshchev, D. D. Meyerhofer, and T. C. Sangster
2 MB
Heather Johns Observation of spatially-resolved line spectra in OMEGA direct-drive implosions
Collaborators: R. Mancini, T. Nagayama, P. Hakel, V. A. Smalyuk, S. P. Regan, and J. Delettrez
944 KB
Nathalie Renard-Le Galloudec Exploratory ideas—the cone target: a HED target with potential
Collaborators: B. I. Cho, J. Osterholz, T. Ditmire, E. D'Humieres, and Y. Sentoku
5.9 MB
Bérénice Loupias Astrophysical perspectives and experimental challenges for plasma jets experiments
Collaborators: E. Falize, M. Koenig, C. D. Gregory, A. Ravasio, T. Vinci, N. C. Woolsey, J. Waugh, W. Nazarov, C. Michaut, S. Bouquet, H. Takabe, Y. Sakawa, Y. Kuramitsu, D. Seiichi, R. Kodama, N. Ozaki, and S. Pikuz
2 MB
Roberto Mancini Core conditions of high- and low-adiabat OMEGA implosions via x-ray spectroscopy
Collaborators: R. Florido, T. Nagayama, R. Tommasini, J. Delettrez, S. Regan, V. Smalyuk, R. Rodríquez, and J. M. Gil
1 MB
Nareg Sinenian The MIT Nuclear Products Generator for development of ICF diagnostics at OMEGA/OMEGA EP and the NIF
Collaborators: D.T. Casey, M. Manuel, H.G. Rinderknecht, M. J. Rosenberg, J.A. Frenje, C. K. Li, F. H. Séguin, R. D. Petrasso, V. Tang, M. Akselrod, S k J. Sykora, J. DeCiantis, J. R. Rygg, S. Kurebayashi, S. Volkmer, C. Chen, D. B. Denis, M. Canavan, R. Leiter, S. McDuffee, J. Perez, S. Virk, and J. Jacox
2.6 MB
Gary P. Grim Prompt radiochemistry in inertial confinement fusion experiments (ICF)
Collaborators: P.A. Bradley, T.A. Bredeweg, M. M. Fowler, A. L. Keksis, A.W. Obst, A. C. Hayes, G Jungman, R.S. Rundberg, D. J. Vieira, J.B. Wilhelmy
Posters Session 2
Students highlighted in blue; Postdocs highlighted in green
Presenter Title/Collaborators File Size (pdf)
Alessio Morace Study of target heating induced by fast electrons in mass limited targets
Collaborators: D. Batani, R. Redaelli, C. Fourment, J. Santos, G. Malka, A. Boscheron, A. Casner, W. Nazarov, M. Koenig, T. Vinci, Y. Okano, Y. Inubushi, H, NIshimura, A. Magunov, A. Flacco, C. Spindloe, M. Tolley
3.2 MB
J. Eduardo Mucino Relative Characterization of Low-Energy X-Ray Response of Kodak BioMax®-MS (BMS) Photographic Film
Collaborators: M. E. Lowenstern, N. E. Lanier, J. P. Knauer, R. P. Drake, C. C. Kuranz, J. S. Cowan, T. R. Hurry, K. A. Flippo, S. A. Gaillard
2.3 MB
Taisuke Nagayama 3-D spectroscopic analysis of temperature and density spatial distributions in OMEGA implosion cores
Collaborators: R. Mancini, R. Florido, R. Tommasini, J. Koch, J. Delettrez, S. Regan, F. Marshall, V. Smalyuk, and I. Golovkin
1.5 MB
Joe Ralph Experimental Study of Effects of the Speckle Length on Stimulated Brillion Backscatter
Collaborators: D.H. Froula, J.S. Ross, R. London, L. Divol, D. Berger, C. Sorce, L. Suter, and S.H. Glenzer
Hans Rinderknecht Reconstruction of Protons Paths in CR-39 for Radiography Experiments
Collaborators: D.T. Casey, N. Sinenian,F. H. Séguin, C. K. Li, J. A. Frenje, and R. D. Petrasso
1.2 MB
Michael Rosenberg Using Proton Radiography and Thomson Scattering to Study Laser-Generated Plasma Bubbles
Collaborators: C.K. Li, F. Séguin, J. Frenje, R. Petrasso, J. S. Ross, and D. Froula
760 KB
J. Steven Ross Thomson scattering measurements in the collective and non-collective regime in laser produced plasmas
Collaborators: J. S. Ross, L. Divol, S. H. Glenzer, J. P. Levesque, J. Palastro, B. B. Pollock, D. Price, G. R. Tynan, and D. H. Froula
3.9 MB
J. Ryan Rygg Conductivity of multi-shock compressed deuterium
Collaborators: D. G. Hicks, P. M. Celliers, R. F. Smith, P. Sterne, T. R. Boehly, G. W. Collins, O. L. Landen, and V. Recoules
376 KB
Hiroshi Sawada Investigation of shock wave heating and compression in direct-drive planar targets using absorption spectroscopy on OMEGA
Collaborators: S. P. Regan, P. B. Radha, R. Epstein, D. Li, V. N. Goncharov, S. X. Hu, D. D. Meyerhofer, J. A. Delettrez, P. A. Jaanimagi, V. A. Smalyuk, T. R. Boehly, T. C. Sangster, and B. Yaakobi
1 MB
Serge Bouquet From Lasers to the Universe: Scaling Laws in Laboratory Astrophysics
Collaborators: E. Falize, B. Loupias, C. Michaut, M. Koenig, and X. Ribeyre
6.5 MB
Fredrick H. Séguin Mapping E & B fields in laser-generated plasmas using monoenergetic proton radiogaphly
Collaborators: C. K. Li, J. R. Rygg, M. Manuel, J. A. Frenje, N. Sinenian, D. Casey, R. D. Petrasso, R. Betti, J. Knauer, D. D. Meyerhofer, V. A. Smalyuk, P. Amendt, O. Landen, P. Patel, and R. Town
1.3 MB
Nareg Sinenian The Optimization of an EMP/X-Ray Immune CR-39 based detector for Sensitive Measurements of Neutron Yields at Omega & the NIF
Collaborators: D.T. Casey, J. A. Frenje, M. Rosenberg, C. K. Li, F. H. Séguin, R. D. Petrasso
812 KB
Mario Manuel Using Proton Radiography to Measure Magnetic Fields Associated with Rayleigh–Taylor
Collaborators: C. K. Li, F. H. Séguin, D.T. Casey, N. Sinenian, R. D. Petrasso
960 KB
Matthew Streeter Relaxation of PW generated electron beams and ion heating
Collaborators: N. Sircombe, B. Bingham, P. Norreys, and T. Arber
304 KB
Matthew Terry Hierarchy of Stopping Power Models
Collaborator: G. A. Moses
Bradley Westover Study of silver K alpha and brem rad from short-pulse laser-matter interactions with applications for x-ray radiography
Collaborators: A. MacPhee, C. Chen, D. Hey, T. Ma, B. Maddox, B. Remington, F. Beg
Toshi Yabuuchi Fast electron generation and transport in cone-wire targets
Collaborators: H. Sawada, R. B. Stephens, M. H. Key, T. Bartal, K.U. Akli, D. Batani, S. D. Baton, L. A. Gizzi, T. Ma, A. J. Mackinnon, P. A. Norreys, P. K. Patel, C. Spindloe, M. Schneider, W. Theobald, M. S. Wei, L. Van Woerkom, and F. N. Beg
1.9 MB
Yongho Kim Fusion Gamma-ray Measurements using Gas Cherenkov Detector
Collaborators: H. W. Herrmann, S. C. Evans, J. R. Langenbrunner, C. S. Young, J. M. Mack, T. J. Sedillo, A. M. McEvoy, C. Horsfield, M. Rubery, L. Dauffy, and W. Stoeffl
392 KB